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What you can do with eCyLabs.com

eCyLabs enables continues monitor to identify security posture of your cloud applications including cyberhealth of asset ecosystems. The platform automatically generates a recommended action in order to achieve best posture.

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Overall Features

eCyLabs Security Center is purpose built Cloud Platform to Identify, Detect, Protect and Respond to security threats that specific to your business critical applications.

Identify - Assets

Auto Discovery of Application Assets and Classify them based on Risk priority, eCyLabs provides status of domain assets, cloud assets and other public assets associated to your application.

Detect - Threat Profiles

Our Threat profile system allows you to customize and proactively detect application specific security threats such as URL Injections, Malware, OWASP, SSL/TLS Issues, etc, etc.

Threat Response Center

24/7 service team will help customers to address their key security challenges at reduced opex in shorter time.

Automate scanning

Our scanner allows organizations to mix and match, apps and profiles to automate your security task.

Supervised Learning

Machine Learning brings best possible recommendations are pre populated and are tightly integrated with 3rd party apps with API exposure for remediation.

Trust Seal

eCyLabs Verified Seal on your website will increase trust in your brand and boost visitor confidence.

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